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Master Data Management (MDM) Boot Camp Webinar Series starting from 13th October, 2010

Rhapsody and OAUG Customer Data Management SIG  invites you to attend this webinar series. The webinar series is sponsored by Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG).  REGISTRATION IS FREE.

Here are details of the MDM Boot Camp–>

The Sessions are:
1. 13 Oct 2010: Master Data Management (MDM) Primer and Oracle’s MDM Foot Print
Register for this session at

2. 20 Oct 2010: Oracle Customer Data Hub and Trading Community Architecture 101 with guest Q&A speaker Haidong Song from Oracle
Register for this session at

3. 03 Nov 2010: Oracle Supplier Data Hub and Supplier Lie Cycle Management 101 with Introduction by Jason Busch from
Register for this session at

4. 17 Nov 2010: Oracle Product Hub (Product Information Management) 101
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5. 01 Dec 2010: Oracle Site Hub 101 with guest speaker Dhiman Bhattacharjee form Oracle
Register for this session at

6. 08 Dec 2010: Master Data Management (MDM) Best Practices
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7. 15 Dec 2010: To Be Successful with MDM, Start with Data Governance
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Any interest in attending an informal meeting of PIM users at Oracle Open World?

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

The PIM SIG didn’t have any formal meeting scheduled at next week’s Oracle Open World on SIG Sunday, the 19th September, 2010 in San Franciso.  I will try to schedule a meeting if there is enough interest?  Post your comments to this blog.  I will post the meeting information to this blog if one is scheduled.