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Master Data Management (MDM) Boot Camp Webinar Series starting from 13th October, 2010

Rhapsody and OAUG Customer Data Management SIG  invites you to attend this webinar series. The webinar series is sponsored by Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG).  REGISTRATION IS FREE.

Here are details of the MDM Boot Camp–>

The Sessions are:
1. 13 Oct 2010: Master Data Management (MDM) Primer and Oracle’s MDM Foot Print
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2. 20 Oct 2010: Oracle Customer Data Hub and Trading Community Architecture 101 with guest Q&A speaker Haidong Song from Oracle
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3. 03 Nov 2010: Oracle Supplier Data Hub and Supplier Lie Cycle Management 101 with Introduction by Jason Busch from
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4. 17 Nov 2010: Oracle Product Hub (Product Information Management) 101
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5. 01 Dec 2010: Oracle Site Hub 101 with guest speaker Dhiman Bhattacharjee form Oracle
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6. 08 Dec 2010: Master Data Management (MDM) Best Practices
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7. 15 Dec 2010: To Be Successful with MDM, Start with Data Governance
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OAUG Customer Data Management (CDM) SIG meeting at Oracle Open World 2010

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Please join OAUG Customer Data Management SIG meeting at Oracle Open World at 4:00 PM on Sunday the 19th September 2010.  Here are the details:

          Session ID                           S318371

          Title                                       OAUG Customer Data Management SIG

          Session Type                     SIG Meeting

          Date                                      19th September, 2010

          Time                                      4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

          Location                              Moscone West, Level 3, Room# 3000

The Agenda for the meeting includes discussions about:

                Fusion Customer Data Management

                Future Directions, Issues and Challenges


 This is your first opportunity to hear something about Fusion Customer Data Hub at Oracle Open World.    Also you can network with other users who are in the same boat as you with regard to implementing Oracle Customer Data Hub and Trading Community Architecture.

The attendance at Open World is rumored to be huge so you might want to enroll ASAP to avoid being sent away for lack of space.

Also, an easy reference that you can print and take with you to the Open World conference that lists key sessions related to MDM Track which you might consider attending is posted at .  The majority of the sessions are in Moscone West in Room# 3000 and in Room# 3003.

Supercharging Supply chain processes with Oracle Supplier Data Hub (SDH) and Supplier Life Cycle Management Produts (SLM)

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Traditional E-Business suite of applications from Oracle often fall short when it comes to on-boarding of Suppliers in terms of evaluating and managing suppliers across trading life cycle thus often times resulting in less optimized supply chain processes.  These challenges are often compounded with the sub-optimal supplier data resulting in users to deal with duplicate suppliers and some times even the supplier data that may be incomplete and incorrect.

Often times it is very  challenging to answer questions such as

     1) Did we follow through all processes in on-boarding a specific Supplier?

     2) Is this Supplier compliant with regulations?

     3) Is this Supplier ethically compliant with policies established by your firm?

     4) When was the last time Supplier facilities were inspected?

     5) Is the Supplier data correct?

     6) Which Supplier information is the correct one when duplicates exist?


With the introduction of both Supplier Life Cycle Management and Supplier Hub (Master Data Management aka MDM) applications, the whole Supply Chain processes can be super charged by not only managing the Supplier data across its trading life cycle, but also provide a single and 360 degree  view of the Supplier across the enterprise using Supplier Hub capabilities.  Best of all the Supplier Hub functionality leverages the TCA framework that many of you are already familiar with.

Here is a presentation given at North Central Oracle Applications Users Group (NCOAUG).  No problem, if you didn’t attend their training day conference in August 2010.  The session has been recored and posted at SlideShare site along with embedded audio ofcourse. 

This presentation focuses on the features and functionality of both Supplier Life Cycle Management and the Supplier Hub products from Oracle and how they can help you answer questions like the ones above and solve many of the supplier data challenges that users face on a day to day basis.

Here is a link to the SlideCast:


While at it, you may also want to join a LinkedIn group created especially for users interested in Oracle’s Supplier Data Hub and Suppliers Life Cycle Management products.  Here is the link: