Rhapsody Technologies is a nationally recognized consulting firm and trusted advisor to Fortune 1000 companies in implementing enterprise wide solutions such as:

• Master Data Management (MDM) for domains such as Customer, Supplier, Product, Location and Chart of Accounts,
• ERP and CRM Applications

Rhapsody’s proprietary “RHYTHM” methodology supplements traditional SDLC methodologies (such as AIM). Rhapsody also has a holistic training program in Customer Data Management for Oracle CDH. These proven technologies have helped Rhapsody excel in guiding Clients in MDM technologies from conception to operationalization. Rhapsody has helped clients in many industries implement and re-architect MDM, ERP and CRM solutions that enhance and optimize the organizational operations.

Over the years, Rhapsody has provided consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies in their pursuit to solve business problems using Oracle Applications. These companies include ADP, GE, DoubleClick, Haworth, Hewlett Packard, Hologic, Motorola, Torrington, and International Registries.

Rhapsody specializes in:

• Implementing MDM solutions for Customer and Product data domains using Oracle Customer Data Hub (CDH), Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM), and Oracle Product Information Management (PIM).
• Implementing ERP/CRM solutions using packages such as Oracle eBusiness Suite and PeopleSoft.
• Providing MDM for Customer data training services
o Oracle CDH Functional Fundamentals
o Oracle Customer Data Steward
o MDM awareness Seminars for Executives
• Providing “DQ Discovery” service solving Customer Data Quality problems
• Performing Architecture assessment and auditing services in MDM landscape

Rhapsody is launching following two new services in MDM space:

• Providing Oracle TCA Functional Support Services
• Offering Oracle DQM Search Optimization Services

Rhapsody is one of the most advanced firms specialized in Trading Community Architecture (TCA) and implementing Customer Master Solutions using TCA, DQM, Data Librarian, Oracle Customer Online, D&B, and Trillium, to meet Trading Community needs of its Customers.

With its extensive user community involvement (CDM SIG, NCOAUG, OAUG, Open World), Rhapsody educates the users in MDM for Customer and Product domains, ERP and CRM technologies with a focus on Oracle eBusiness Suite/Oracle MDM implementations.

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