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Oracle PLM and PIM 101

This presentation focuses on the basic concepts of Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) and Product Information Management (Oracle PIM), a.k.a., Oracle Product Data Hub (Oracle PDH) applications from Oracle.  Often times the key question that gets asked is what is the difference between PLM and PIM and why do we need both?

This presentation will also answers questions such as Why do we need PLM and PIM?,  What business problems are being solved using these products?, and at the basic level questions like What is PLM?, What is PIM?, When do we need to use What?, etc., type of questions during the session.  The session also answers the connection between PIM and Master Data Management (MDM).

Here is a presentation given at North Central Oracle Applications Users Group (NCOAUG).  No problem, if you didn’t attend their training day conference in August 2010.  The session has been recored and posted at SlideShare site along with embedded audio ofcourse. 

This is a 101 type of session that benefits all regardless of their backgrounds (Strategy vs. Functional vs. Technical, etc.) with regard to Oracle Applications.

Here is the Link:


While at it, you may also want to join a LinkedIn group created especially for users interested in Oracle Product Data Qualiety Server.  Here is the link:


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